How do I buy a number from you?

Use our search feature to look for the number you want. You can search by state, area code, words, letters, or number patterns. When you buy a number, you own it and you are free to use any service you want.

Can I port my number to a cell phone service provider?

Yes, our numbers can be ported to either landlines or mobile lines

Can it be ported to a VoIP line, POTS landline or Google Voice?

Yes, lines can be ported to VoIP, traditional TDM or mobile service and Google Voice

How long does it take to set up?

Setting up your number (porting) with a carrier usually only takes between 48-72 hours however it varies based on the carrier(s) involved. It can take longer and will vary from carrier to carrier.

How long does it take to go active?

We can set up temporary call forwarding which will take 1-2 business days

What does it mean to "Port" a number?

Number porting, also referred to as Local Number Portability (LNP), and refers to the process of changing your service provider while retaining your same telephone number

Do I own the number forever?


Are there any recurring charges?

No, it's a onetime payment and you won the number

Can you use more than 7 digits in a local number?

Yes, most of the time a call will connect after you have dialed the 10 th digit so anything dialed after that doesn't affect the call